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Wedding Flowers to Remember

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Denver Wedding Articles » Wedding Ideas

When planning a wedding, one of the biggest budget items are the wedding flowers. Choosing wedding flowers that leave lasting memories can make a beautiful wedding even more spectacular.


Traditional wedding bouquets have been constructed of white flowers, including roses, gardenias, orchids and calla lilies. However, current trends in wedding bouquets include the use of flowers with vivid and bright splashes of color, often blended in combination with traditional white flowers.

Bouquet styles vary from small round and simple hand bouquets to large and lush bouquet arrangements that flow and trail down in a cascade of floral glory. Bouquets for the bride are often more elaborate than those of the bridesmaids and maid of honor, although their bouquets can be beautiful in their own right.

Ceremony Arrangements

One of the details that can make a wedding ceremony stand out as a particularly beautiful and memorable ritual is the floral arrangements that adorn the wedding ceremony site. These floral arrangements often highlight several different aspects of the ceremony, including arrangements attached to the ends of each aisle. Another large floral arrangement or series of arrangements is often placed in the alter area of a church or where the bridal couple stand to take their vows and declare their love and commitment to each other in the treasured public ritual.

Swags of flowers can be arranged in small clusters at the end of each aisle row and a garland of ivy or other greenery looped to cordon off the aisle as the bride and her attendants walk down the aisle.

Another unusual but extremely beautiful and striking ceremony flower arrangement is the bridal bower. This is often constructed of ivy and other greenery into which wedding flowers are woven to create an arched gazebo-type structure where the bridal couple and the official stand during the ceremony.

Reception Arrangements

Generally, there are at least several tables for guests to sit as they enjoy the wedding reception. Part of decorating for the reception usually includes table arrangements and some sort of larger room decorations.

Table arrangements can be simple and small or they can be towering tree-type large floral arrangements. A good floral arrangement for tables should allow for guests to see and talk to each other without having to look around a gigantic bunch of flowers. However, with the skills of a good wedding florist, this can easily be accomplished. Also, it is very common for wedding guests to take home table arrangements as a memento of the wedding and reception.

Another form of reception floral decoration includes the cake. It is extremely common today for wedding cakes to include fresh flowers as decorations. Flowers that reflect the bridal bouquet can be arranged in a cascade down the cake, or they can be placed in a simple arrangement that compliments the overall cake style.


No matter what your choice of wedding flowers, having those flowers arranged for beautiful bouquets and ceremony floral highlights provides an overall tone for your wedding ceremony and reception.

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