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Choosing a Perfect Wedding Photographer

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Wedding photographs are the basis for wedding memories that last a lifetime for happy bridal couples. Choosing an experienced and knowledgeable wedding photographer can make the difference between having wedding photos that are disappointing and having wedding photographs that bring a smile and a glow to couples as they go back through their wedding memories.

An excellent wedding photographer will not only know and have access to local landmarks for pre-wedding photography sessions, but will also be able to blend into the background during the preparations for the ceremony and during the ceremony and the reception. They will know how to capture touching and sometimes hilarious private moments between the families of the bridal couple and wedding guests.


There are several sources for referrals to excellent wedding photographers. The first place to ask is friends or family who recently were married and have absolutely wonderful wedding photos.

You can also ask your wedding consultant or planner if they have resources for good wedding photographers they have worked with in the past. Very often, wedding photographers offer special rates for bridal couples who are referred by wedding planners because of the volume of business they receive from that particular wedding planner.
Another source of wedding photographers is your bridal boutique. Since boutique staff work so closely with brides in choosing bridal gowns and wedding accessories, very often wedding photographers and other wedding service vendors network closely with boutique staff for referrals.

Finally, if you attend wedding shows, you should be able to find wedding photographers who are offering their services in the vendor showcase area. This can be an excellent opportunity to compare the rates of different photographers and look at their portfolios before committing to a particular photographer.


You should interview at least three potential wedding photographers before making your final commitment or signing a contract for services. When meeting with potential photographers, ask to see their portfolio of past wedding photos and if they have names of former bridal clients you can contact for references.

Also ask about packages and what medium you can expect for your photos. Many photographers have switched to digital photography and often can provide an initial CD at the end of the reception that has rough photos from the ceremony and reception. Also ask about ordering extra copies of CDs and print photos. Another important question is about when you can expect delivery of your final wedding photographs and if they will be contained in a wedding album.

Before you make your final selection of a wedding photographer, take the time to contact the Better Business Bureau and find out if there have been any complaints against the wedding photographer you have decided to use.


Choosing the right wedding photographer can make your wedding memories shine as you look through wedding photos. By carefully screening potential wedding photographers you can be assured of cherished wedding memories in the future.

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