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Out of Town Guests at Your Wedding

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Denver Wedding Articles » Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding requires some organizational skills and a lot of patience. If you are planning to have guests coming in from out of town, there are some things that you can do to make the event more comfortable for them.

While you will not have to make the travel arrangements for everyone who is coming in for your big day, you should discuss with a travel agent what kind of discounts you might be able to get for a group. With several out of town guests, you might be able to negotiate a better rate at a hotel and the use of the travel agent’s services.

Consider who will be picking up the guests from the airport when they arrive or if they will find their way to the hotel on their own. Some of your guests might need little help finding their way around your town and it is up to you or someone in the bridal party to make sure that everyone arrives on time and is comfortably settled in at their hotel. Assign this duty to one of the bridesmaids or groomsmen.
You may be able to make arrangements with some of your relatives to put up some of the out of town guests as well. This will save everyone a great deal of money and will ensure that those family members who might not be able to afford a hotel can come to your wedding.

Also, make sure that those out of town guests who are renting their own vehicle have good directions to the church and reception. Many times these are included with the wedding invitation, but it is a good idea to make sure that everyone is all set with where your wedding will take place before the big day.

Plan a little get together with some of the out of town guests. Mother’s of the bride and groom can help out with this task. It’s a nice gesture to spend a little time with your family members who took the time to fly in for your big day. A dinner at your parent’s house or your fiancés parents is a great way to welcome everyone to town and thank them for coming to your wedding. It is a busy time in your life, but making time for these small gestures will help to make sure that everyone feels welcome and comfortable at your wedding.

As always, organization is absolutely essential when planning a wedding. If you are handling everything on your own, make certain that you have an agenda book or planner to help you remember all of these details. Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life and planning it may be one of the hardest tasks that you ever take on.

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