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Denver Marriage License Info

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There are a lot of things that go into planning a wedding. The bride and groom are likely to spend hour after hour making sure that everything for the big day is just right. Needless to say, this can be a stressful time and a lot of things can go wrong. Thankfully, at least one part of the wedding planning process is pretty easy (and also inexpensive). If you’re getting married in Denver, then you’ll need a Denver, CO marriage license. It is fairly simple to obtain one, so this should be the least of your worries in the months leading up to the wedding day.

One of the more interesting things about getting a Denver, CO marriage license is that this is one of the states that allows a couple to solemnize their own wedding. In layman’s terms, this means that they don’t need to have a judge or a clergyman sign their marriage license to seal the wedding legally. All that’s needed for a couple to do this is for them indicate that the person(s) solemnizing the marriage are “themselves.” A bride and groom can even solemnize their marriage right in the court clerk’s office and file the paperwork immediately. However, the couple has up to sixty days to return the license if they so desire. Note that only the couple themselves can do this – friends and relatives may not. However, no witnesses are required to validate the ceremony, making it overall very convenient.

In order to file for a Denver, CO marriage license, the couple must visit the Denver county clerk’s office, bringing the necessary identification and documentation as needed. For anyone over the age of 18, the only documentation needed is a driver’s license and a social security card. Other forms of identification, such as passports, visas, or military Ids can replace the license if that’s more convenient. For anyone who is 16 or 17, the consent of both parents, or of the minor’s guardians, is required. Alternately, an underage couple can seek consent through the legal system. The only other notable piece of paperwork required is a divorce document if either person has been divorced in the past.

Once a Denver, CO marriage license has been obtained, there is no waiting period before the wedding can take place. Also, no tests need to be performed and no other hoops need to be jumped through – just the $10 fee needs to be paid. After that, a license is good for 30 days. By the way, Denver makes a great location for people who are planning a destination wedding, as there are no laws that restrict out of state couples from getting a marriage license.

That is pretty much all that you need to know about getting a Denver, CO marriage license. The state of Colorado makes it quite easy and inexpensive for people to get married there. With all the potential stressors that go hand-in-hand with weddings, it’s certainly nice to get a break on this one.
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